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Making Sense of Chaos

May 12, 2020

Rikki Stern is founder of Cancer Chicks Australia, a support group for young women aged 20-30 with cancer.

With rawness, honesty and humour, 22-year-old Rikki shares her story living with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  

Instagram: @cancerchicksau



May 2, 2020

Stephy, a currently serving Australian police officer, goes into depth about her experiences on the job, and her perceptions around death, life and suffering. 


Instagram: @makingsenseofchaos

May 2, 2020

Gideon Cohen (25) shares his views on life and suffering after the loss of his dad at age 18. 

Gideon is Maddie's childhood friend and currently works as a screenwriter and actor. 

Instagram: @makingsenseofchaos