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Making Sense of Chaos

Feb 13, 2022

William Wainwright is a forensic psychologist with over 20 years experience in various settings, with a particular focus on sexual and violent offending. 

In this episode, we discuss the psychology behind sexually abusing a child, how offenders justify breaking moral standards, and the cycle of shame involved in repeat offending. 

We also discuss the trauma carried by emergency service workers, and how this is identified and treated within Vic Police. Jason shares some of his personal experiences of trauma working as a police officer, and later as a correctional officer in Parkville Youth Justice Centre. 

Instagram: @makingsenseofchaos 


About William: 

William has acted as a court expert on numerous occasions and consulted and trained many audiences, including the police, judges, lawyers, DHHS workers, child protection workers, correction officers and prison officers. 

In recent years, William has worked as the Senior Psychologist for the Police Psychology Unit and Family Violence Command, and was the key investigator of the 2016 Mental Health Reviews for the wellbeing of Victoria Police officers. William also trained officers in investigating and interviewing people accused of sexual offences. 

William was also the president of ANZATSA, a not-for-profit organization designed to support practitioners working with sexually harmful behaviours both in the mainstream populations and disability. He has organized multiple local and international conferences as well as presenting regularly.

Currently, William is the Manager of Evidence Based Programs for OzChild, a not for profit organisation that works with best practice programs to strengthen and reunify families. These programs are designed to maintain family networks to offer children safety and

William is a registered supervisor and has supervised forensic and non-forensic psychologists. He currently runs a peer supervision program for provisional and registered psychologist to
develop their practices and skills.